Guidance and support on the JISC WW1 programmes

This blog is devoted to the project and programme that make up JISC’s 2011/12 contribution to World War One.

These are made up of :

JISC WW1 Discovery programme– to build an aggregation layer to WW1 digital content from a range of digital collections and find new and innovative ways of presenting this content for the benefit of education and research on WW1.

JISC WW1 OER project– to create innovative Open Educational Resources around WW1 relevant across disciplines for embedding in teaching and learning using a range of content pertaining to WW1 (both UK and international)

Each of these activities has different operational motivations, aims, outputs, methodologies and funding mechanisms but are underpinned by a common strategic ‘direction of travel’ which is outlined most clearly in the JISC Statement of Intent. JISC’s over-ridding goal for both activities is to produce digital content and resources that are comprehensive, open and sustainable, but that answer differing, specific needs within HE/FE.

For example, whilst the JISC WW1 OER project aims to consider issues of pedagology in terms of how WW1 is taught and learnt about and how this can be enhanced through the deployment of digital content and technologically innovative technicques, the JISC WW1 Discovery programme aims to consider how the rich WW1 content ‘hidden’ behind technical, economic and legal barriers can be ‘opened up’ and aggregated to be more discoverable to teachers, learners and researchers.

However the similarities and differences don’t end there…… So, to outline what these are, some guidance has been developed to help you understand how these activities interlink and how they differ.

This is essential reading for prospective bidders and potential stakeholders alike.

For any further information, contact Sarah Fahmy, JISC

JISC WW1 OER project grant funding

The JISC WW1 OER project aims to create innovative Open Educational Resources (OERs), using a range of existing content, around the theme of World War One (WW1) that will be relevant across disciplines for embedding in teaching, learning and research in higher and further education as a way of enhancing the student experience and fostering innovative pedagogies.

This project will therefore support a project that carries the following activities:

  1. The creation of a suite of learning and teaching resources that provide an international, cross-disciplinary reappraisal of WW1 using digital content which will subsequently be brought together and presented as OER
  2. The embedding of the OERs in teaching and learning practice
  3. The capturing and sharing of ‘lessons learned’ in the developing and embedding the OERs.

The is Grant Funding details are available here

The deadline for receipt of proposals in response to this call is 12:00 noon UK time on 5th December 2011

Funding is available for a single project starting from January 2012 for 6 months. The project must be complete by July 2012; however institutional contributions may sustain the project in the embedding stage of the project until December 2012.

As with the JISC  WW1 Discovery programme, JISC aims to produce a coherant, comprehensive, open and sustainable resource in line with the JISC WW1 Statement of Intent.

World War One Commemoration: Digital Content Prioritisation Invitation to Tender

The JISC invites tenders to research key aspects of future World War One (WW1) digital content development in readiness for the centenary commemoration of the conflict from 2014 onwards. This research is intended to provide understanding in 3 key areas:

  • WW1 content and collections available to education in analogue and digital form;
  • Teaching, learning and research priorities and requirements of higher and further education in terms of the study of WW1 including a scoping of potential digital users and key stakeholder groups
  • Synthesis of WW1 digital content availability and educational requirement(s), resulting in ‘priority’ recommendations of WW1 digital content development.

For full details, visit JISC funding page

JISC’s WW1 ‘Statement of Intent’

Very pleased to announce the JISC WW1 Statement of Intent for it WW1 commoration programmes.

These strategic and technical principles, aims and methodologies are intended to underpin all of the work that JISC is planning to undertake around the WW1 commemoration and will act as a ‘blueprint’ by which we can  measure success

This ‘Statement of Intent’ has been developed based on the results of a series of cross-organisational meetings and background motivations, which have considered what success may look like on a strategic, technical and operational level so that everyone, from armchair enthusiast to academic researcher, is able to engage with this historic commemoration in a way that suits their individual needs.

JISC World War One Programmes- Watch this space!

As the anniversary of the start of conflicts of World War One (WW1) approaches in 2014, the JISC would like to explore what opportunities – creative, strategic and technological- there may be in the seamless provision of the rich content (from audiovisual to images to text based works to film) held by range of organisations across the public-sector to enhance educational and research opportunities in UK universities and colleges and more broadly.

Further information on the JISC World War One programmes themselves as well as the acompanying funding opportunities will be available here in the coming weeks. Watch this space!