There are a huge number of WW1 collections and content held by a vast number of museums, archives, local historical societies and large public bodies in the UK alone, all in varying digital states and under a range of licensing regimes. This is not to mention the swathes of information and artefacts held be other particpants in the Great war within Europe, US and Canada and beyond.

King’s College London, commissioned by JISC,  have  created an online collections database: ‘UK World War One Collections’  which captures information on UK university, archive, library and museum holdings relating to the conflict in analogue and digital form. This builds on a previous piece of collaborative work, between JISC, the Wellcome Trust and the Imperial War Museum in undertaking some intial mapping work to investigate where UK WW1 collections are held, key componant features of the collections, whether they had been digitised and under what licensing scheme they have been made available: Guide to WW1 Collections

However, to act as a brief introduction to this area, the following links may be useful

JISC activity of relevance to this JISC WW1 programmes is:

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